TTF  Text is currently available for download at the Unity Asset Store as two packages : TTF Text and TTF Text Lite 

  • TTF Text : The full professional version,  allows you to create styles, paragraphs, animations, and scripts for your text. Also interactive texts at runtime and integration with other extensions such as mega-fiers. It includes plenty other nice features (see the feature grid below). This version will continue to evolve, and within next months you should see more and more features added to it.

  • TTF Text DeluxeIncludes the most advanced features such typographic gray control, control of the level of interpolation/decimation of fonts. One important difference here to is that TTF Text comes as an assembly and you don't have access to the source code. 
  • TTF Text Lite : The free version called TTF Text Lite. It allows you to create static text meshes from any font installed on your system. It may be used for creating simple 3d text meshes you may require in your game. It is currently very limited in features as we rely on your support to be able to build a really good text module for Unity.

Feature Matrix

More features are being added regularly.

Known Limitations and Bugs

If you encounter some not-yet-fixed bug, we would like to apologize and will do our best to correct it quickly for the next update version.
  • A minority of fonts are "reversed" and should be extruded with a negative extrusion in order to appear correctly, we are thinking at a workaround.
  • Vertical-text layout (e.g. for language like Japanese) are currently not supported;  Let us know if you are interested.
  • For the creation of dynamic text mesh at runtim on platform without support of native DLLs (such as Unity Web Player), we rely on a  pure .Net implementation which is currently not as robust and efficient as the native one.


  • 26-06-2012 Submission of version 1.1 : This version adds support for markup and styles
  • 14-06-2012 Submission of version 1.0.16 : Fixes for builts on iphone and android, more demo scenes especially using prefabs, access to interpolation quality parameters.
  • 11-05-2012 TTFText layout supports interline / baseline-spacing, alternative embold algorithm.
  • 8-05-2012 TTFText supports advanced layouts, embedded fonts are no more duplicated.
  • 23-03-2012 TTFText Lite is submitted as a free asset on the asset store.
  • 16-03-2012 Submission of version 1.0.12 : Fixes related to embold and bevel.
  • 15-03-2012 Submission of version 1.0.9 : Various bugfixes related to triangulation of embedded fonts.
  • 13-03-2012 Submission of version 1.0.7 : Embeddable fonts.
  • 13-03-2012 First online demo.
  • 09-03-2012 Submission of the first version of the package 1.0.0.