TTF Text
Advanced Text for Unity 3D

TTFText is not maintained since 2013 - as the authors had to refocus on other projects in different sectors, additionally a policy change in the asset store made it more complex to publish and maintain.  The code of the full version is now available to all as an open-source project. We would like to the Unity community for its enthusiasm and its support.

TTFText is now open-source

TTFText produces 3D text from any vector font installed on your system. 

This extension allows text to be emboldened, slanted and simplified freely from within the Editor. The generated meshes can then be extruded, beveled and outlined easily to fit your needs. Supported functionality includes: styles, animations, asiatic fonts, easy HTML-like markup code, font embedding for iPhone and Android, paragraph layouts and more.. 

3D text can be constructed either as a single mesh or as individual meshes giving you complete control of entire lines of text down to the characters. TTF Text's mesh management system allows you to create long multi-line text while implementing arbitrary 3D text animations  such as individual character rotation,  scaling, and typewriter effects. Fonts are then automatically embedded/serialized into your application allowing 3D text during runtime on all platforms.  

January the 4th 2013, It was almost there. And now it is being submitted. I have some infos for you : There will be some differences with the behavior of 1.1. 

Issues being solved by 2.0b3 :
   * Fix up for compatibility with new mac os;
   * Easier deployment of the font;
   * Multiple font engines;
   * Access to native fonts on Android; Bitmap fonts on iphone;
   * Font embedding & styles based on assets files; 
   * Progressive coroutine-based text rendering to avoid too much impact on rendering on mobile phones.

September the 18th 2012: after weeks without a new release, we are please to announce that we have added significants features, bugfixes and interface simplifications to TTFText 1.1 and 1.2pre1 : we are close to get the version 2.0 release. It is not yet finalized, but we are getting close to it and we believe you should see it within next month. Also, there will be no 1.2 - as bugfixing 1.2pre1 as we wanted has lead to many changes to the code. 

While dynamic text in TTF Text 1.0 was designed to be technically compatible with all platforms, we mainly had targeted and tested PCs and Macs initially, and the previous implementations had various limitations. We have decided to overcome this limitations, and we have added most features that we thought were necessary to get TTF Text working fine on all platforms.

New features/improvements include: bitmap rendered fonts [quads are faster in many cases], dynamic fontsheets images, native fonts on mobiles (including access to vectorial fonts on android too !), automatic export of your fonts inside your build, simplification of the interface, more comments in the code, tooltips in the UI, update for latest Mac OS compatibility, general code refactoring...

We are currently fixing all the bugs in this new version. As usual don't hesitate to contact us if you spot a bug in TTF Text as we investigate all the reported bugs.

Please, check the website again: We'll let you know when the TTF Text 2.0 will be out, and then, we'll recommend you to update your projects 

Want to Know More ? Here is a Video Tour of TTF Text 1.1

Online demo with embedded fonts

Feature Summary:
  • Works with both Unity 3d Free and Pro
  • Support for all major vector fonts formats : True Type, Type 1, OTF
  • Non-occidental / Asiatic fonts are supported
  • Freely embolden / slant your fonts
  • Decimate and simplify your fonts
  • Megafiers compatibility
  • Markup and style
  • Runs fast ! Mesh for reasonable text can be dynamically regenerated without impact on the framerate. 
  • No runtime component required for static texts
  • Native libs for fast dynamic generation of text meshes at runtime on PC and MAC
  • Portable C# libraries for generation of Text on all platforms by means of "embedded fonts" (Example below)
  • Compatibility with unity animation module.
  • Paragraph layouts and advanced typographic options
  • Multiple extrusion modes and UV map mode provided out-of-the box
  • Independent gameobjects for each line, word or character, to allow easy creation of new effects
  • Access to the source code for text meshes generation, users can tweak it to their own needs if necessary.

A feature grid explaining linking features with versions is also available on the download page.

  • Although we try to achieve the largest cross-platform compatibility. Some features that are only available on certain platforms or with certain rendering engine. In doubt, contact us for details.
  • On some Windows systems, the application will require MSVCR100.dll, this file is part of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, and may be download and install this library before to the application may work :

Contact / Suggestions / Feedback

TTF Text for Unity was developed by Olivier Blanc and Bertrand Nouvel.