TTF Text
Advanced Text for Unity 3D

Main features
  • Works with Unity 3d Free and Pro
  • Supports for major vectorial fonts formats : True Type, Type 1, OTF
  • Non-occidental / Asiatic fonts are supported
  • Embolden / slant freely your fonts
  • Decimate and simplify your fonts
  • Mega-fiers compatibility
  • Runs fast ! Mesh can be dynamically regenerated without large impact on the framerate. 
  • No runtime component required for static texts
  • Fast native dynamic generation of text meshes at runtime for PC and MAC
  • Dynamic C# generation of meshes on all platforms by means of "embedded fonts" (see example below)
  • Dynamic texts are compatible with unity animation module.
  • Paragraph layouts  (The pro version will include more and more advanced typographic options)
  • Variety of extrusion modes and UV map mode provided out-of-the box
  • Automatically create new gameobjects for each line, word or character, to allow easy creation of new effects
  • Creative coders have access to the source code for text meshes generation, and can tweak it to their own needs if necessary.

"Unity Web Player" Based Examples

Click on the demos to see them

Other demos :


TTF  Text is available directly for download from Unity Asset Store : "TTF Text" / "TTF Text Lite". 

TTF Text : A full unlimited version, which allows you to create paragraphs, animations, scripts for your text, and interactive texts at runtime and that is well integrated with other extensions such as mega-fiers. It includes plenty other nice features (see the feature grid below). This version will continue to evolve, and within next months you should see more and more features added to it.

TTF Text Lite : the free version called TTF Text Lite that simply allow you to create static text meshes from any font installed on your system. It may be used for creating simple 3d text meshes you may require in your game, it is currently very limited in features as we rely on your support to be able to build a really good text module for Unity.

Feature Grid (More features are being added regularly)

 FeatureTTFText Lite TTFText 
Support for all major vectorial font formats (TTF, Type 1, OTF...)         Yes Yes 
Embolden, slantNoYes
Layout and spacing optionsNoYes
Support for asiatic fontsYes   Yes 
Dynamic generation of text meshes during game execution
No Yes 
Assignment of independent gameobject to each letter/wordNo    Yes 
Decimate and simplify fonts outlines   (Optimize triangles)No    Yes 
Editable texts No Yes 
Generate text as clothesYes Yes 
Advanced options for extrusion and UV maps NoYes
Access to source code to make your layouts / extrusions No Yes

Example Video in the Editor

(This section is still under construction, we shall upload video regularly in the next days.)

Simple video demonstrating basic features of TTF Text :

Video demonstrating an advanced example using cloths and individual gameobject per each letter.

User  Feedback

We are committed in designing and maintaining the best-quality unity package to create meshes in unity out of vectorial fonts. We are very interested in hearing your opinion about the software, and knowing the features you would like to see in the next version of this package.

Feel free to let us know your opinion by sending an email to one of the authors : 

Known limitations and bugs
  • If you encounter some not-yet-fixed bug, we would like to apologize and will do our best to remove quickly any bug identified in current version. 
  • A minority of fonts are "reversed" and should be extruded with a negative extrusion in order to appear correct, we are thinking at a workaround.
  • Paragraphs of vertical-text layout (like Japanese) are currently not supported; [ Let us know if you are interested ]
  • Triangulation of dynamic text  is not as robust as native one. (self-intersecting) (used for dynamic texts on platform without support from native DLLs) .
  • TTF Text Lite : copy/paste | duplicate bug... Shall be fixed very soon !
  • You may still need to copy manually the dll freetype248.dll at the root of  your project if you use native fonts (windows only, to be fixed soon, thanks to new features of Unity 3.5.2 )

14-06-2012 Submission of version 1.0.16 : Fixes for builts on iphone and android, more demo scenes especially using prefabs, access to interpolation quality parameters.
11-05-2012 TTFText layout supports interline / baseline-spacing, alternative embold algorithm
8-05-2012 TTFText supports advanced layouts, embedded fonts are no more duplicated.
23-03-2012 TTFText Lite is submitted as a free asset on the asset store.
16-03-2012 Submission of version 1.0.12 : Fixes related to embold and bevel.
15-03-2012 Submission of version 1.0.9 : Various bugfixes related to triangulation of embedded fonts.
13-03-2012 Submission of version 1.0.7 : Embeddable fonts
13-03-2012 First online demo
09-03-2012 Submission of the first version of the package 1.0.0.


 TTF Text for Unity is being developed by Olivier Blanc and Bertrand Nouvel. 
If you have an inquiry feel to contact us through :